Witis: reference software for measurement in machining

A solution particularly adapted to optimize cutting processes and to diagnose machine-tools and machining equipment:

  • Define the best cutting conditions by measuring forces or power,
  • Diagnose the vibration issues of a machining system,
  • Compare cutting-tool geometries,
  • Characterize cutter wear,
  • Evaluate the balancing of a spindle + tool-holder + cutter system,
  • Measure the temperature of a part,
  • And much more…






A complete and modular measurement application

essential features for simple and efficient measurement

  • Multi-signal acquisition (analog and digital): compatible with National Instrument „CompactDAQ“ system boards
  • Modular and intuitive display
  • Time and spectral analysis tools
  • Comparison of measurement files
  • Automatic report generation
  • Integrated interface for controlling Kistler dynamometers
  • Interface available in French and English


  • Wide range of possible measurements
    • analog: voltage, current, vibration, impact hammer, temperature, speed (rpm), frequency (Hz)
    • digital: binary, speed, frequency
  • Automatic detection of acquisition cards (National Instrument CompactDAQ modules), easy configuration
  • Saving of configuration parameters
  • Integrated module for driving charge amplifiers for Kistler dynamometers (optional)

Playing and recording

  • Intuitive, clear and configurable display
  • Up to 24 channels displayed
  • Advanced recording functions:
    • Start/stop on trigger or timer
    • Automatic incrementing of measurement files
  • Possibility to add virtual channels calculated in real time from the measurement voices
  • Lightweight binary recording format to efficiently manage large data volumes

Signal processing and analysis

  • Ergonomic and smooth signal exploration
  • Time and frequency processing functions:
    • taring
    • drift compensation
    • moving average
    • sliding RMS
    • filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch)
    • integration
    • derivation
    • calculation of fundamental frequency and cyclic ratios
    • FFT
  • Saving of signal processing sequences
  • Display table of values, quick export of data
  • Signal splitting
  • X-Y display (representation of one signal in relation to another, not as a function of time)
  • Measurement file comparison utility
    • Multiple selection
    • Time synchronization of signals
    • Automatic trend graphs

Exporting data

  • Export to .txt, .xls, .xlsx formats
  • Automatic editing of reports in Excel™
  • Customizable page layout
    • portrait or landscape orientation
    • one page for each channel
    • display of signal processing sequences
    • display of zoom sliders
    • recall of main information
    • logo integration
    • Etc.

Kistler module (optionnal)

  • Add-on dedicated to the parameterization and control of „industrial“ charge amplifiers (Kistler type 5073A)
  • A single interface to manage everything (replaces the DynoWare software)
  • Edition of several configurations according to the measurement ranges and saving
  • Automatic reset to zero at the start of the acquisition
  • Automatic calculation of moments from X/Y positions


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