Key applications of Vibration Drilling

A revolutionary cutting process, MITIS Vibratory Drilling can be used in most cases of hole machining. In particular, it provides maximum performance for three types of applications: deep drilling or boring, drilling of refractory materials, drilling and milling of multi-material assemblies.

Maximum reliability and productivity for large depths

The kinematics of the Vibration Drilling system guarantees regular fragmentation and optimal chip evacuation. Whatever the depth, the holes are machined without any deburring cycle, with unprecedented productivity gains. The control of the cutting process ensures maximum quality reliability (roughness, risk of deviation, etc.).

The reference for drilling aerospace metal and composite frames

The MITIS process is ideal for these particularly demanding applications, on machine-tools, robots or ADU (Automated Drilling Units). Thanks to perfect chip management, material integrity and hole quality are guaranteed. The reduced temperatures allow increased cutting speeds, under MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) or dry cutting.

Production security and performance

Vibration Drilling benefits from an exceptional heat balance, a decisive advantage for the machining of refractory materials. Cutting speeds and cutting tool life are significantly increased. Reduced temperatures and smooth chip evacuation ensure good material health and optimal capabilities.