MS1215 Piezoelectric Spindle

New reference in drilling, a major asset for Industry 4.0

Aerospace Drilling

Maximum efficiency in complex multi-material stacks (frame assembly)

Vibratory assistance – Process monitoring

Drilling diameters

  • aluminum alloys: max 19.1 mm – 3/4″
  • titanium alloys: max 15.9 mm – 5/8″

Robots / machine-tools integration

Dimensions compatible with market standards, fully integrated “MS Drive” control system: easy installation in automated systems.

CN Siemens 840D SL environment

1 single command line in the ISO program to control the vibration parameters.

Optimal cutting at any time

The vibratory assistance adapted in an instant to each step of the drilling / countersinking process.

MS Drive: the neural system

Power supply for piezoelectric actuators, conditioning of process sensors, control and communication module

see layout diagram


Integration of the MS1215 piezoelectric spindle into an aerospace drilling robotic end-effector (Loxin “Accurate Drilling Head”).

Controlling the MS1215 spindle in the Siemens 840D NC environment.

Piezoelectric Vibratory Drilling: the genesis of the development of the MS1215 spindle.

Engineering support

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