Mechanical Technology

Performance on machine-tools, robots and automated systems

Universal: available in all spindle/tool attachment standards and designed for automatic loading.

Robust: reliable systems proven in the most demanding production conditions

Quality: the highest standards at all stages of the product design, manufacturing and control processes.

Support: constant support from the pre-project to the integration and production phases.

Vibration Drilling for mass production on CNC machine-tools

Adjustable in amplitude, the Vibration Drilling for small series production or process optimization work

Vibration Drilling for robotic systems, “Flex Track” or on machines with high dimensional constraints

Perfect control of combined drilling/milling operations for complex parts or configurations

Vibration Drilling integrated into mechanical spindles for optimum precision and reliability


MITIS Vibration Drilling Tool-Holders are designed to be easily and efficiently integrated into most CNC machine-tools using a stopper-block function, allowing automatic loading/unloading operations in tool magazines.

In this tutorial, we explain how to adjust the stopper-block of your MITIS tool-holder.

Application of deep hole drilling in CuA1 copper with the MITIS vibratory assistance process

  • Diameter 6 mm
  • Depth 150 mm
  • Coated tungsten carbide drill bit
  • PM4225 tool-holder for machine-tool

Deep drilling of a Z10C13 stainless steel with MITIS vibratory assistance

  • Diameter 10 mm
  • Depth 200 mm
  • Coated carbide tool
  • PM vibratory tool-holder for CNC machine-tool

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