spindle monitoring with IRIS vibration diagnosis system

IRIS: vibration diagnosis for machining spindles

The spindle is one of the most critical component of the machining system to ensure the precision of rotation of the cutting tool whatever the cutting parameters and to transmit efficiently the cutting forces on the whole speed range.

IRIS is a mobile monitoring system for the preventive maintenance of spindles by a precise and complete diagnosis:

  • rotor rotation anomalies (balancing level, misalignment, etc.)
  • state of wear of the bearings
  • mechanical or electrical disturbances


Intuitive user experience


Fast measurement and diagnosis


Analysis assistance, Mitis hotline

3 levels of expertise

… in a single application to cover all needs.

Easy Diag

Quick access to a synthetic diagnosis of the spindle balancing and the state of wear of the bearings (criteria based on the ISO 17243 standard).

Advanced Analysis

Automatic detection of the characteristic fault frequencies of each bearing to anticipate failures and improve the diagnosis.


The spectrogram type representations (time, frequency, amplitude) allow a “3D vibratory vision” essential for the identification of the various spectral components related to the spindle and its environment.

1 same solution for all stakeholders

Spindle designers or repairers, CNC machine-tool manufacturers, machinists: a common language to describe the condition and behavior of spindles.

Machine shop

  • Evaluation and monitoring of spindle condition
  • Identification of the best operating ranges for optimizing cutting conditions

Spindle design & repair

  • Complete vibratory characterization
  • Diagnosis before after sales service
  • Quality control before shipping

Machine-tool manufacturer

  • Quality control before assembly
  • Validation in machine after assembly and parameterization
  • After sales service operations

MITIS support

Reference of the Vibratory Drilling process, specialist in axial machining processes and designer of drilling spindles, MITIS is also recognized for its expertise in the measurement and study of vibrations in machining.

Along with the IRIS system, Mitis offers a complete range of associated services:

  • Remote or live support for spindle vibration diagnosis;
  • Training in machining measurement, vibration analysis, spindle vibration diagnosis, etc. ;
  • Vibration analysis services on machining machines (identification of eigenmodes by ringing, vibration tests in machining, etc.);

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