machining monitoring on the MITISlab with the Witis acquisition and analysis software


Applications 4.0 for a better control of machining.

Simple. Efficient. Expert.

vibratory diagnosis of spindles, evaluation of balancing, wear of bearings

Mobile preventive maintenance system for a precise and complete vibratory diagnosis of the spindles:

  • rotor rotation anomalies (balance level, misalignment, …),
  • state of wear of the bearings,
  • mechanical or electrical disturbances.


Software application dedicated to the definition and optimization of cutting processes and the diagnosis of machining equipment:

  • Define the best cutting conditions by measuring forces or power,
  • Diagnose the vibration problems of a machining system,
  • Compare tool geometries,
  • Characterize tool wear,
  • Evaluate the balancing of a spindle + tool assembly,
  • Measure the temperature of a part,
  • And much more…

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