stainless steel deep hole drilling with Mitis vibratory assistance technology

Vibratory Drilling

Revolutionary cutting kinematics: reliability and performance in drilling

  • Controlled chip fragmentation regardless of the material
  • Smooth extraction of the chips, no jamming even in deep hole drilling
  • Better thermal balance, optimal evacuation of the heat generated by the cut
  • Perfect cutting stability

Industrial profits...



  • Increased cutting speeds
  • No deburring cycle, even for high depths
  • Simplified drilling process


  • Extended cutter lifetime
  • Dry drilling or drilling under MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication)
  • Reduced machining times


  • Reliable process in difficult conditions
  • Controlled quality
  • Limited production hazards

... without comparison

Vibratory assistance in drilling opens up new production opportunities, unrivalled by conventional technologies.


Turnkey industrial solutions to take advantage of the benefits of Vibratory Drilling on all types of equipment.

copper alloy deep hole vibratory drilling

Deep holes, multi-material stacks, refractory or difficult to machine materials: the solution for demanding or critical drilling applications.

tool holders and spindles for vibratory drilling

Tool-holders or spindles, mechanical or piezoelectric technology: a complete range of products for the integration of vibratory assistance on any type of means.

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